About Dwina

A proud native of the “boogie down” Bronx, Dwina is an energetic personality with a contagious smile. Dwina doesn’t just go to a party, she brings the party wherever she goes.  A mom to two young boys, Dwina currently works in hospital administration by day while following her love for all things nails by night. She is an avid roller skater, lover of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the Queen of Pinterest.  

About Lana

To know Lana is to love her.  She is your “can’t we all just get along” friend, your kids favorite Auntie and Godmother extraordinaire.  With a MBA in accounting (CPA loading...) and working in corporate finance from “9-5”, Lana does not play about a coin.  She is passionate about teaching the Black community about personal finance and the importance of wealth building.  Always down for an adventure, Lana loves to travel (pre-Rona) and curate new fun experiences in her life.